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Hi, I’m Whitney Motivates LLC, someone who inspires others to be the best version of themselves. I hope you take something away from my blog and apply it to your life. Enjoy beautiful! ✨

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  • Breathe: Inhale & Exhale
    Whitney Motivates Blog Post 2 Many times we forget the importance of taking a deep breather. We forget to remind ourselves that our jobs, materialistic items, debt, or whatever the case do not define us. We let our obstacles rule over us until it pushes us to the tip of the hill. While on the hillContinue reading “Breathe: Inhale & Exhale”
  • WM
    Whitney Motivates Blog Post 1 Analyzing your circumstances Your circumstances do not define you. When you allow your thoughts to affect you, then they do. I recently discovered Brooke Castillo’s Self Coaching book, Self Coaching 101: Use Your Mind-Don’t Let It Use You. From the title, it’s self explanatory. When we allow our minds toContinue reading “WM”
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About Me

Hey everyone!

My name is Whitney and I’m from STL, MO (for now anyway lol). I’m 22 years old, recently entered the professional world, and decided to finally create my business to help others. By checking out my website you will take away a lot of insight and skills to apply to your lives to live a more efficient life. Merchandise coming soon!

Think happy 🙂